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It’s not just about Melbourne, we are all about bringing the Fashion Industry together by promoting the outstanding achievements of designers, artists of hair and make-up, photographers, publishers & event organisers.

Melbourne Fashion Models provides an easy avenue to find what people are looking for in the Fashion Industry. It may be a particular type of model, a new hair style, some amazing accessories or a photographer to present the latest design in clothing.  We also try to list all the upcoming Fashion Events and we are here for the fashion industry both commercial and domestic.

Melbourne Fashion Models specialise in Catwalk, Hair and Beauty, Events, Fitting, Print, TV and Television Commercial modelling.  Do you need to present that new look for clothing designs, hair styles, hair care products, jewellery, cosmetics or accessories?  If so then we can help. We invite your photographers and TV producers to look at what our models have to offer.

You are welcome to register your event or show – past, present or future and there is no cost to do this.  You may register yourself or your business on this website by filling in the registration forms.  Registered members will be able to view more details about other members if their privacy settings allow it.

For any further information, please contact our office.Thank you for using the Melbourne Fashion Models website.